Winter in the Pig Sty

The clouds rolled in and small flurries became bigger snow drifts but at least it wasn't like 2010 (pictured below).

Deep snow drifts across Yorkshire hills.

Here is the first snow flurry of 2013. We have gotten off easy this year, keep all your fingers crossed as I did whilst taking these. No slips happened not even on these steps.

Snow covered steps.

I'm glad I left the bamboo canes in to mark the path. 

Snow covered garden.

The orchard is in the snow and the remaining leaves on the hedge have been stripped clean.
Snow in the orchard.

Time to clean the snow off the glasshouse. Took me 10 mins to get into it to check the sweet peas, the door was frozen shut but the plants were okay under their fleecy blanket.

Snow covered greenhouse.

Even though this fine snow is getting into the eaves somehow.

Snow in the greenhouse.

A photo of the moors to the south.

Snow covering the moors.

The moors to the north that border onto the garden. Whilst taking this the winds were coming in from the east, cold and stripping, still saw three groups of walkers pass.

Snow on the Yorkshire moors.

It may be winter but we can dream of summer again.

Hot summer colour, cosmos is a must.