How To Sow: Sweet Peas

We are running a sweet pea trial in our garden this year beside our Wartime Garden. Never have two ideas been so fundamentally opposed. During the Second World War flower growing fell to an all time low as gardens and green spaces were handed over to food production. Many varieties were lost. Seems ironic in the year that we will celebrate 70 years since grow your own was at its height that we at Pig Row are being sentimental and looking for a bunches, cart loads and vases full of sweet peas. We are not alone in this journey and many of our readers and friends are joining in the sweet pea celebration. Andrew is in the glasshouse, spring sowing the final sweet peas, hopefully this time his beloved Miss Willmott will not fail, as if heralding a new beginning you can hear the over excited cockerel in the background, just shows how a new camera can do wonders for animal husbandry.

You can follow the story of Pig Row's sweet peas below:

We are so happy that so many of you are emailing us your story of what you are sowing and your hopes for those seedlings. Please keep sending them in.

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We ask that if you wish to blog for us about seed sowing that you let our readers know where you bought them and what varieties they are, unless you have saved your seed and no longer have that information. Thanks.

Opinions expressed here are personal. The seed packets from Sarah Raven and Seeds of Italy were received for free to review. Seeds from Dobies were purchased in 2012.