Sweet Pea Update: Frozen and Snow

We have been trialing a number of sweet peas for autumn and spring sowing. We want to bring you up to date with our own trials and those of you who have emailed us or joined in with growing as #sweetpeabuddies. At Pig Row, it is safe to say we have had the worst spring on record, with snowdrifts that have filled lanes and piercing winds it is a surprise anything has germinated in the glasshouse. You can watch the film at the end of this post to see how Andrew is going on with his sweet peas.

Sowing at a terrible time of year, the story of sweet peas.

The wonderful Sian down in Wiltshire shared this photo with us of her autumn sown sweet peas, all the varieties from Sarah Raven and can be found in her original post below. She is hoping for better weather to get them out in the garden but Wiltshire has been hit by foul weather too. As she says in her email to us: 'Pinched out and now lovely and bushy, ready to go out in the garden when this weather finally warms up!'. You can see more of Sian's story in the links below.

We were contacted by Sorrel's Mum, over in Lancashire, unlike Sian who uses root trainers, Sorrel's Mum recycles polystyrene cups - so it seems on the photo - a nifty little way of keeping the roots insulated during the cold. The photo below shows how well they have grown from an autumn sowing, as she states in her email to us: 'Sweet peas from October sowing doing well, they have been pinched out twice, so hopefully will be bushy.They are a variety called Butterfly kisses that were a free gift with a gardening magazine in 2007 and were given to me last year'. Nothing like sharing free seed.

Sowing sweet peas in polystyrene cups, insulated them against the cold.

Finally, but not least, is the wonderful Cally also down in Wiltshire, who seems to like to treat her sweet peas mean, and we must admit they are looking well for it. As she states in her email to us: 'Here they are after a couple of weeks neglect in the school polytunnel. I grew them on the windowsill until the shoots emerged and then transferred them to the polytunnel rather than the coldframe due to lack of space. They have had a bit of water every week and we've pinched the tips out twice. They are still getting a bit leggy. Beaujolais and  Painted Lady are on the left. Perfume Delight and Winter Elegance on the right. They've had the same treatment. We sowed a second batch last week in roottrainers last week'. We'd recommend neglecting them too if you get such good results from them, Cally. You can see more of Cally's story in the links below.

The final word though has to go to Andrew, will his beloved Miss Willmott sweet peas germinate this time? - the autumn sowing failed - will anything have grown in the harshest spring for us? Click on the film below and take a gander at what he has to say.

Don't forget, if you're growing sweet peas this year, get out there with a camera and email us which varieties you are growing and what you think of them to contact@lifeonpigrow.co.uk and we'll share them during 2013.

You can follow the story of Pig Row's sweet peas below:

We are so happy that so many of you are emailing us your story of what you are sowing and your hopes for those seedlings. Please keep sending them in.

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