Strawberry Jam With No Pectin

At Pig Row we promote the three food groups, cake, tea and jam. As many of you know, homemade cake is something we should all embrace regularly, and tea should be a daily ritual and jam is there to remind us of summer's glory. This means when we saw on our local market punnets of strawberries being sold off for pennies, we instantly thought jam. Here is the Pig Row easy jam recipe, no mess, no pectin just fruit, sugar and a lemon (and the jars we recycle).

How to make jam without pectin.

4lbs of strawberries
8 cups of sugar
1 lemon (juiced)

Wash the strawberries and cut off any stalks with a sharp knife. Do this on a board to avoid any cuts. Andrew has learnt this from bitter experience and you'll look daft going to A&E for a tetanus stained with strawberries. Take a thick bottom metal pan and put it on the heat, add the strawberries and sugar. Stir until the sugar melts into the releasing strawberry juice.

How to make jam without pectin. Saving the harvest for winter.

Keep the pan on a rolling boil for 20 minutes to allow the sugar and fruit to breakdown add the lemon juice as soon as possible. The best way to juice a lemon is to roll it whilst it's still in the skin, until the lemon flesh yields and become soft. Cut in half and squeeze through a sieve into the boiling jam pan, this will catch any seeds and you will see by using this technique how much juice is released. They will also be easier to juice.

How to make jam without pectin. Quick way to sterilise jars.

As the jam comes to the end of its boiling wash your jam jars. We reuse shop bought jars and wash them in cool water, don't use any detergent. Shake off access water but do not dry, place them in a microwave on a high setting for 1 minute. This will sterilise them, make sure that you sterilise more jars than you need. Do not place the lids in the microwave, place these in a bowl of boiling water.

How to make jam without pectin.

Spoon the still hot jam carefully into the jars. You should never spoon hot jam into cold jars so it is important that you sterilise the jars at the last moment to avoid glass shattering. Leave the jars to cool with their lids off for 15 minutes, then screw on the lids and leave to cool further before adding the labels. Store and eat. If you like jam and want to try your hand at Cherry Plum Jam, just follow the link.

How to make jam without pectin.