A Banjo and a Polytunnel

Though we are busy with our Wartime Garden plans at Pig Row, we also have to keep an eye on the rest of the garden and the 2013/4 growing season (including Andrew's beard).

The green gardener.

After a poor 2012 growing season, we noticed that the only crops that did any good for us were undercover and we used the produce from the glasshouse for a limited time in the kitchen. We wanted to extend our season and produce further and earlier this year we decided a bed by the utility shed would become home to a new polytunnel and that the bed lost here would be created at the top of the garden above the orchard. However, we have never put up a polytunnel before, greenhouses we have done but the polytunnels are a mystery to us. We thought it could take time to get this off the ground.

Polytunnel preparing the ground.

Then an old friend of Andrew's, who he hasn't seen for twenty years got in touch via Facebook and offered to help us, so this post is to thank Debz, Peter and our journeywoman gardener, Jenny. Between the four of them they erected a polytunnel on World Naked Gardening Day, get your own puns in now. No nudity was involved though there was plenty of measuring, humming and at one point Andrew hit his finger with a lump hammer. Four letter words managed to stay firmly in his mouth as he went beetroot red. Within 5 hours the frame and cover was on. 

Putting a polytunnel up on World Naked Gardening Day

Three days later, the door posts are concreted in, the doors are on and the beds are dug ready to take some plants.

Why growing undercover is easier and quicker than you think.

All this completed just hours before gales are forecast in the UK. It never rains when it blows. 

A completed polytunnel is worth a corner of your garden.

This project has shown us how great people and social media can be, from those Pig Rowers on our Facebook Page who shared You Tube films to show us how to do it, to Debz and Peter who we'd never have met again if it wasn't for social media to this post which will embarrass the heck out of Jenny who ran everytime we got our camera out (no pun intended but we did put this up on World Naked Gardening Day). Thanks to everyone for this, a big thank you to Debz who pointed out that polytunnel covers should be put on by tall people, gratitude to Peter who out of the four people was the only one who could do maths and thank you to Jenny who always knew where we put the knife, tape measure and the lump hammer Andrew hit himself with. Finally, Carol was simply great, wrestling with Little D who put his wellies on three times in forty minutes demanding to go out into the garden to have a nosey whilst she fed and brewed for four thirsty and hungry builders.