Pinit Foward Piggies

Without social media we wouldn't know you as Pig Row readers you would just be a stat on our blog dashboard but through our Facebook Page and twitter we have met many of you. The Martins, Joys, Susans, Caths, Terrys, Debz's and Tas's would be unknown to us and our world would be a little sadder. We know that sometimes leaving a comment on a blog can be imposing, that's why through Pig Row Social Media we have enjoyed every share, every pin and every tweet we've had from you all. It's wonderful at gardening shows when we bump into you, it's like meeting old friends, we gossip and as we leave, we say, 'I'll let you know what I think of show online' and then when we get home there are your pins, your blog posts, your tweets and Facebook messages. You see things we don't see and you share it with us and we return the favour. That is what good social media is, it is favours, sharing of free information and education even through gossip. It is like a million of us descending on one location to chronicle it all. We are all Pig Rowers, spread across the world, all with similar aims to enjoy the very earth we live on, and to make the Earth we want to leave to our children a little better than it was. We may not all be together in God's Country (Yorkshire) but through social media we have come up with solutions and shared our plots. That's why we are always happy to see a photo of your plot or a neat little gadget or sowing plan you have or we have come up with, from raspberries on a garden shed to a pallet being used as a strawberry planter, a photo can speak a million words. That is why we have been using Pinterest for some time at Life on Pig Row, it's a great way for us to collect our images in one place, we have several boards: Life on Pig Row (devoted just to our plot), In the Kitchen (for food we love), In the House (a mood board for interior decoration and our renovations), In the Nursery (everything Little D), In the Library (what we are reading and reviewing), Out and About (Life beyond Life on Pig Row) and the Wartime Garden & Home (the project we are running in 2013, as we return to 1943).

You can join Pinterest here and see what we are up to on a day to day basis.

We have met many of you through Pinterest and that's why we were delighted to meet more of you through the Pin It Forward campaign during this month. Pinterest has now launched in the UK this month and we are part of the group of bloggers working with them during this month. For those of you who are Facebook whizz kids, and those who are still trying to get their head around twitter, Pinterest is a purely visual tool. You will see on our blog posts photos a 'pin it' button. If you click on it you can sign up for Pinterest, for free, and start creating boards, you can create boards on your own or in a community, you can reach out to like minded people across the social media community and more than that, you can share photos to inspire, aid or just amuse each other. Then sit back and watch the wider Pinterest community repin photos they like. In a short time you will find people and photos, boards and ideas that you want to pin too. It is addictive stuff and each photo takes you to a new blog, a new idea, or traditional ways of gardening, recycling, making do and mend. It is just so easy, no tweeting, just photos that you pin to a board, think of it like the old cork board in your kitchen. Pinterest can remind you of things to do and things you love, practical and inspirational:

In the spirit of a wider community, a Pin It Foward community, we want to share with you a fellow blogger and Pinterest devotee, Smudgetikka. We particularly like the Vintage Kids Photos, just shows that Little D's hairstyle is timeless.