Making a bug hotel with Hulme Garden Community Centre

One of the highlights at Tatton Flower Show this year, was meeting the staff from Hulme Community Garden Centre.

We were totally unaware in this completely urban area of inner-city Manchester, lies an internationally recognised community garden and garden centre. Hulme Community Garden Centre is a not for profit organisation with a mission to bring the community together through gardening. Not only do they supply plants they are also a volunteer, education and training hub working with socially excluded people across Greater Manchester. Each year they offer over 3500 volunteering, training and workshop opportunities to encourage people to grow their own food, green their own communities , lead active and healthier lifestyles and improve their life chances.

At Tatton they were hosting a children's area, where children could get their hands dirty in the ‘Magic of Growing’ potting shed where they could learn how to ‘pot on’, this was just one of the activities on offer along with demonstations on how to make bug hotels.

Making a bug hotel

Being as we are big kids at heart and even though we were Little D 'free' for the afternoon, we had a little lesson on how to create one of these hideaways.  It's a great fun activity for kids, and once you have created it, you can go to town creatively and decorate your hotel.  

How to make one is pretty self explanatory. However, (see 1) you will need (a) a 12 inch lengths of hairy string, (b) two 8 inch lengths of hairy string, (c) a 7 by 4 inch piece of corrugated cardboard and (d) a handful of straw or grass)
How to make a bug hotel

(See 2) Lay your long piece of string horizontally across the piece of cardboard about 2.5 inches from the bottom. (See 3) lay your straw or grass along the bottom of the cardboard, (see 4) roll up tightly and (see 5) secure tightly with the 8 inch lengths of string by wrapping each round tightly at each end and knotting twice. Now pull the long piece of string through the straw or grass and knot to create a hanging handle.  Decorate.

That's it, make lots and hang them all over your garden.  They will bring in helpful bugs such as ladybirds, which will assist to keep down greenfly on your roses etc.

If you want to see more pictures of our day at Tatton drop in on our facebook page.

Instructions for the Bug Hotel are reproduced here with kind thanks to Hulme Community Garden Centre.