The Allotment

There is something about the allotment. With dwindling sites and growing numbers, an allotment is a commitment to a revolution. It is two fingers up to the status quo, it is about a plot of land that you can call your own because you pay your rent, you do your sowing, you cry when they fail, laugh out loud when they succeed and run around like a toddler when you take home that first lettuce, eat that first tomato. An allotment is good for the soul and stomach. You'll get fit doing it and it's cheaper, and better, than taking out a subscription to a gym. The plus side is that thin people who are toned won't be judging your builder's bum as you dig. I have had more fun growing than I ever did in a gym and have lost more weight. So, what's so special about an allotment? What's so great about growing your own? If you have to ask then you've never done it. 

From coldframes to the allotment.

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