Rhubarb Schnapps from Vodka

We have been making schnapps from vodka since our time at Drovers. That is fourteen years that we have been making this brew and it is well worth it. One Christmas we gave our neighbours at our old house a small bottle each, the feedback was slurred but very, very happy. This recipe make 1 litre of schnapps, for more or less you may have to double up or half, depending on taste or need. We have also started to use the vodka saturated rhubarb after it is used in this recipe in a new, rather tipsy, jam. More on that if it works, you can follow this jam experiment and other recipes on our Facebook Page.

Preserving doesn't have to be all jams,chutneys and leather. Here's something that will bring a rosy pinch to your cheeks this winter.

1kg rhubarb, to make 600g trimmed weight.
300g caster sugar.
1 litre of cheap vodka.

2 x 1 litre jars.
2 x wine bottles with screwtops.
1 fine sieve or muslin.
1 jug.
1 pouring funnel.

Trim the rhubarb (top and tail it at either end of the stalk). Chop into one inch pieces and add them to a 2 litre jar. We use two Kilner jars for this as they have a strong seal on them, which you will need at a later part of the recipe. Add all the sugar and shake well (see, now you know why you need that strong seal). Now pour in the vodka and store somewhere cool and dark for at least 6 weeks. You can leave it up to 6 months, so put it aside but don't forget where you have stored it. A cool cupboard, under the stairs where there is no boiler are ideal spots. You will have to visit your jar every over day for the first month or two, this is not a chance to coo over it or knit it lovely little hats but a chance to shake it up and get that sugar dissolving. Remember sugar equals alcohol and kicks starts the fermentation process with the rhubarb and vodka. After 6 weeks taste it, the schnapps should be sweet and have tones of peach and rhubarb, if all you can taste is alcohol snap back on the lid and leave for longer. When your schnapps is pleasing to the taste, strain through muslin or a fine sieve into a jug and then pour into sterilised bottles via a pouring funnel.
How vodka became schnapps with the help of some rhubarb, sugar and patience.