There's More to Us....

...than a blog. We garden every day at Pig Row, if we can't because of weather then we're making plans discussing how we can go into livestock at a later date and expand our growing area. We do this with many of you. In early 2013, several Pig Rowers who we made contact with via Facebook helped us put up our polytunnel. Jenny who works with us, until she goes off to Australia next year to work on a cattle ranch, we met via social media. She wanted experience, she wanted growing space, we needed help, we swapped skills and time. We think that is an important part of our growing future, it should be more about supporting each other, growing together and swapping skills than about replicating a system of 'corporate' that does not work. We promote not just ourselves but the community of growers we fit into. Like the wonderful group, Backyard and Garden farming, smallholding and foraging, whose members such as, Naomi 'Ma Larkin' Lever, have inspired us and brought us closer to a cashless way of life. 

The move towards a free society based on food not money.

We continue to work with many of you, share photos with you everyday, twitter, text you and Facebook with you on a regular basis. You can find the social media we use every day on the link boxes on the right side of the blog. Sometimes we may go quiet here but you will find us on twitter, facebook and instagram. We'd love to see you there, to make links and likes, to swap stories, to learn from one another. That is beauty of a blog, it opens a door to social media and the key of that, is being social and we love that. It means we have become more social in our real lives becoming part of the wider community. If we just blogged we would be a community of three, Carol, Andrew and Little D. The Oldhams. Social media means we are a community of thousands and though we are all doing our own thing, we are all pulling in the same direction. Some come on over and follow the great links below to us and some wonderful groups out there. If we have missed someone, then suggest them, here or there, just holler and we'll reply. This is not time for silence, it is time for a growing change of life.

Blogs open doors to a wider social way of life.

Everyone of these groups, pages and publications are very supportive. They have the kind of knowledge that can't be found in a book and if you want to support them, like them, and then look at who they like and carry on liking. Be social and join the revolution that is a way of life. If for any reason links change, just search for them online.

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