Journey of a Tomato: From Plot to Preserve

Sometimes an image can say more than any text written on our Wartime Garden. Here's our sun scalded tomatoes, which we didn't know until Naomi pointed it out on our Facebook Page, finding their way into our food chain as oven dried tomatoes and bruschetta. You can find the complete list of what we've grown here.

Tomoto Cuor Di Bue Couer de Bouef of Liguria

Tomoto Cuor Di Bue Couer de Bouef of Liguria harvested.

Tomato Principe Borghese da Appendere or Eternal Tomatoes, Little D's favourite.

You don't have to treat tomatoes kind to get a large yield, we got 140lbs

Just a small amount of the 140lbs of tomatoes we brought in to preserve, including green tomatoes for chutney, cake and fried green tomatoes.

Bruschetta from homegrown tomatoes and basil.

Prepping the tomatoes with oregano and rosemary, with olive oil, then oven dried.

Oven dried tomatoes for sauces.

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