Wind over Winter: Nothing to do with Christmas Dinner

The rain has been heavy for most of us and over the last four winters we have been knee deep, and for us at Pig Row, neck deep in snow. Maybe some of us sighed with relief when the snow didn't show up in December but instead we got the other side of the coin, rain. Worse still, wind. The jet stream has beaten us for a month, turning our polytunnel into a flapping wind sock and turning the soil into a quagmire. For many though it has seen another Christmas of flooding, power companies that have left them without light or heating, and a realisation that some communities don't come together. It's all rather sad, for those who have lost their homes and the politicians who promise to help them whilst slashing the budgets and staff from the front line services in the Enivironment Agency (1500 jobs to go). Yet, we all have to battle on, best we can and we may be losing a polytunnel at Pig Row but we have been busy saving our glasshouse.

Many of us have lost greenhouses but there are many who have suffered worse. Let's help each other.

We may have been spending the month bar capping the glasshouse between gales but it has been time well spent in the freezing cold. Bar capping is a simple way of using a long plastic clip to reinforce the panes of glass and the structure of the glasshouse. We couldn't afford it when we first bought the glasshouse but after a few years we saved up and now, hopefully, we have a stronger glasshouse to face up against the gales and possible snow. Let's hope the rest of winter is kinder to those suffering at the hands of it. Let's give support to those who live in our communities rather than ignore the very thing we need, good neighbours. Best wishes to all who have lost out over the last month, you are in our thoughts.