Sainsbury's Magazine: Digging For Victory

You can find us in the September 2014 Sainsbury's Magazine at all their check outs nationwide this week. You can read how we embraced dig for victory, faced austerity and living under the poverty line, and changed the way we lived, spent money, grew food and ate over the last three years. You can find links to some of our wartime garden posts by clicking 'read more' below. We'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who have supported us on our journey and the friends we have met on our Facebook Page. We wouldn't have been able to have done all this without you. To those of you joining us for the first time, drop us an email or message and let us know what you think of the article.

In the garden:

In the kitchen:

Pig For Victory Series (Our own Dig For Victory pamphlets and films): 

Links to Andrew writing on the Wartime Garden for other publications:

Dig For Victory and Pre-War Films

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