All Quiet on the Garden Front

Over the last week we have moved our focus from the garden to our house. We're talking major dust. The kind of dust that when you sneeze it explodes from your hair no matter how many showers you have. We have had to wait through the summer to start the work because we needed a new roof first. Our roof came off in July.

The secrets in a house #lifeonpigrow

The weather was wonderful, the joists and beams weren't rotten and the roofer told us exactly when the roof was done last, sometime in the eighteenth century. There were pegs galore in the stone tiles and the back pointing filled a skip.

The great Yorkshire roof tile #lifeonpigrow

August went as our builder, electrician and heating engineer where all on holiday. Then we decided to wait until Little D was in school, that way he was out of the house for the worst of it, and last week we started to rip our house to pieces. We get involved in doing work, we are not shy of it and it was cathartic. It has thrown up some wonderful surprises and like the roof, we will hopefully see the end result before the dust settles. Over the next week we'll take your through what we are doing indoors because life on Pig Row is as much about the house as it is about the garden.

New roofs, new interiors, old secrets #lifeonpigrow