Getting Plastered

Over the next month the boarding and insulation will be going up but today in the kitchen the plasterers are in making a difference to our crumbling walls.

Plastering over old crumbling walls.

This is a big difference from the walls that faced us a couple of weeks ago. Though we may be losing the door we found in the kitchen wall, we're nod sad as the opening was slowly collapsing.

Another hidden secret

It wouldn't have been a feature because our large freezer is going here. It was a hard decision, up there with getting rid of the solid fuel oven. Though we had problems with heating engineers who installed it, the oven worked great over the three years we've had it but we had to consider Andrew's disability and the lack of outdoor space we have for storing fuel. It was a tough choice but renovating houses is always a game of give and take. You have to make these decisions. So the door has been plastered over and the oven is being sold. May be need a drink or two to calm our nerves.