Homefront: Make Do and Mend

Just in case you were worried that we have abandoned our Wartime ethics, don't worry. Not everything went into the skip.

How old wood has a life after #lifeonpigrow

That bonus tongue and groove we found in the bathroom is in the back ginnel. It has been earmarked for staging in the greenhouse and shelving in the utility shed.

How some wood can make a great fire for winter #lifeonpigrow

All those lattes/latts (you decide, the argument rages on some forums) from the ceilings have been stacked (along with the cut off from the loft ladder) for firewood. They are ideal, bone dry and devoid of paint, burning painted wood is never a good idea as you can never be sure what type of paint was used and the paint damages your flue as well as your lungs.

Old wood can have a new lease of life #lifeonpigrow #wegotwood

The old stud work is also earmarked for shelving, strengthening the utility shed to take a green roof and the rest will be firewood. Old wood is not skip wood and when possible should be used again.