The Kitchen: Changes Through the Years

When we moved to Pig Row we inherited a kitchen from the 1950s, though we loved some of the decor we couldn't ignore the fact that the floor was damp and bucked up and down more than a wild horse. We loved our larder but knew the screen was rotten and with heavy heart we knew what we had to do. We raised the floor to bring up the level to the same height as our back ginnel. Having land outside higher than the kitchen floor always leads to damp and damp proofing is nigh on impossible with solid stone walls.

Kitchens that need a change #lifeonpigrow

The larder screen became fire wood, what we could salvage. The wooden style formica that covered the old walls was labelled fire retardant but the whole lot went up in flames, on a bonfire, in less than 30 seconds. Andrew lost his eyebrows the heat was so fierce. The back door burnt with equal eagerness. It's amazing what horrors lurk in old kitchens, passing fads, poor workmanship, wobbly health and safety.

Getting the kitchen ready to gut #lifeonpigrow

It's taken us two weeks just to clear our things out of the kitchen and tomorrow we will show you what happened when we uncovered the past.