Upstairs: The Wall

This is not a homage to the seminal record by Pink Floyd, this is home improvement and it is far more expensive. Upstairs at Pig Row until a few days ago was a hotch potch of small rooms at the back of the house, a small cold bathroom abutted an even smaller box room and the loft hatch was laughable. Andrew actually got stuck in the loft hatch when we first moved in, the stepladder nearly falling away from his feet in some hilarious Some Mothers Do Have 'Em Frank-fall. If the record didn't show our age the sitcom has. 

A rethink of how you lay out your house makes you smile #lifeonpigrow

Here is our upstairs hallway a week ago, a riot of hardboard and beige decor. Then someone came in and ripped it all out and put us in a new loft hatch. This revealed that our attic actually has an old heater in it, several rolls of underlay and a rather large aerial. It also meant we found out that we were indeed once only a one storey house as the original ridge of the property can be seen at the far end. They literally took off the roof and carried on building upwards! We'll try and take a photo of it but we now know that even though this property as it is dates back to the eighteenth century, the lower floor is much older.

The new loft hatch reveals more secrets #lifeonpigrow

Ripping down the walls also revealed another blue beam but also gave us a chance to make our bathroom ever so slightly bigger by knicking the end of the corridor. Though the old wall didn't go without a battle. Remember how we said we thought it was made of hard board? It was but when the hardboard was stripped off the builder found a layer of tongue and groove. He now knows what we mean when we say, 'Oh, another Norman'. Norman once owned our house, he was a lovely man, and he loved improving his property, he'd improve it into submission.

Stud walls are a cheap way to change your property #lifeonpigrow

We've had to knock a new door in our bedroom, as you can see Carol and Little D are trying to entertain themselves by a door that we can no longer use. It's actually a four panel Edwardian door covered over in 70s, another fad. The doorway and door are too narrow and don't come up to modern building regulations. It also reveals why we struggled to get our bloody furniture in!

DIY means living in two rooms or less! #lifeonpigrow

The old door has been blocked up with more insulation planned and the walls here which comprise mainly of plaster crumbling away will be boarded. The space in the photo below will hold a new shower, the kind of shower we have fantasized about for nearly five years, the kind of shower that we will use for the first time and look in shame at the amount of dirt that comes off us. Baths are fun but showers do strip away those grimy layers, just like renovating an old house.

Shower plans #lifeonpigrow