Looking Back at the Kitchen

Back in 2011 we started to keep a visual record of what we where cooking and eating. There have been some unmitigated disasters, like putting too much bicarb into a banana cake - fishy taste anyone? Adding boiled eggs to a curry - weird texture in your mouth and the feeling you're a magician pushing them out of your mouth, cracking them open and watching the bird twitter away. Then there was the tomato omelette - let's not go there. Over the last four years we have recorded the best of our kitchen meals from cooking on electric to solid fuel.

Bread can be sweet rather than savoury #lifeonpigrow

At the start we embraced using dry goods and came up with a number of recipes including the lovely raisin and cranberry bread. We know this post will make you drool, the photos don't get any easier to look at without your mouth watering. Sorry.

Making pies takes time and practice #lifeonpigrow

We even tried making our own pies to go beside our own fruit. It looks good but it did taste dry.

Making blancmange.

One day we had a glut of milk, an early attempt at bartering that resulted in some interesting blancmanges using fruit from the garden. We think this is the Lancashire and Yorkshire rose, it didn't look too bad, more like an industrial rose but this is the North!

Proud to make bread.

For the first time ever in 2011 we baked bread and that naturally graduated to making pizza

Homemade pizza.

We got into pies and this time it was successful, can't beat a cheese pie.

Cheese and onion pie #lifeonpigrow

The pie used are onions from the garden.

Using onions from our garden in pies #lifeonpigrow

We started to use our solid fuel oven to bake our own bread. It was the tastiest bread we've ever cooked.

Using a Broseley Thermo Suprema to bake #lifeonpigrow

In 2012 we got more adventurous, vegetables from the garden met meat we'd bartered for.

Great dishes using chicken #lifeonpigrow

Food got a bit lewd. Food porn was born. I bet you've felt like that so far during this blog post. Little text here, lot's of food.

Getting rude with food #foodporn #lifeonpigrow

We started to budget our food too and turned to books to provide thrifty but tasty soups.

Tasty but thrifty soup #lifeonpigrow #foodporn

We started to preserve our food for the first time.

How to make piccalilli #foodporn #lifeonpigrow

We started to create our own recipes. We used sausages in the meal below but can't remember how we made it!

We lost the recipe to this and will have reverse engineer it! #lifeonpigrow

We had more success with pies.

How to make a delicious pie #lifeonpigrow #foodporn

We turned out from the kitchen and started to forage and found these wild cherry plums on our doorstep.

Wild cherry plum jam #lifeonpigrow

By 2013 we where showing off with our bread. Who needs to buy a baguette when you can get a thin one and fat one from one batch?

Homemade bread is not uniform #lifeonpigrow

Our preserves started winning prizes at the local show.

Winning with preserves #lifeonpigrow

Preserving beans #lifeonpigrow

We even turned to liquid sustenance

How to make rhubarb cordial #lifeonpigrow

We even got back to drying out our own food and started to string up our summer chillies.

Drying chillies.

Then we learnt to dry our tomatoes in the solid fuel oven by leaving them over night after the oven was allowed to die down.

Drying tomatoes #lifeonpigrow

Even the simple fried eggs was made more tasty with our homemade veg and spice pastes.

Indian eggs #foodporn #lifeonpigrow

2014 became about comfort food from birthdays to....

Loving alternative ways to celebrate birthdays #lifeonpigrow

...to family sized pies.

Great pies for all the family #lifeonpigrow

But in the end for four years, we have always, always embraced cake.

Cake is king and queen #lifeonpigrow

Union jack cake #lifeonpigrow

Simple cherry muffins #lifeonpigrow