Lifting Dahlias to Clear the Way for Veg

We love open flowered dahlias, they are easy to grow from seed, they are easy to store over winter beneath the glasshouse staging and flower for flower they are one the most wonderful, beautiful, economical and bee friendly flowers (not the pom-poms). However lifting them marks the end of summer and it's always done with a heavy heart.

Leave dahlias to dry before cleaning them

Summer is over and the dahlias are in the glasshouse drying out to put to bed for another winter. We tend to place them on the staging and leave for a week to dry out, we then take a pot brush to them to clean off the soil. They are then place in crates, some dry soil over the crowns and a bit of fleece over the top, then they're popped under the staging and off to bed they go until April. This means that we have space in our cottage garden and we need to fill it.

Lifting and clearing dahlias for storage.

We've decided this year to plant garlic and over wintering onions here (you can see the spot in the photo below). We also need to get the daffodils in before we plant the vegetables. We've been snowed under in the house and we are now fighting against time before the first snows come, according to the weather it's this weekend but tomorrow we'll be back in the garden: weeding, planting and getting the vegetables in with a bit of fleece to keep of the worst. 

Never leave ground uncovered.