Pig For Victory No.18: Compost Heaps

Here's that wartime stalwart, Mr Middleton, talking on compost heaps. Everything is okay until he mentions adding chemicals to the heap. It's certainly what's recommended in many of the guides of the time but we often forget the chemicals Mr Middleton often recommended where organic, a good compost heap can have lime added to it, also potash from wood fires and even urine. All these 'chemicals' make good compost.

Yet, the idea continues that all compost heaps need an activator - they don't. They just need to be on soil and if you really want to get it going, keep it moist and pee on it when you need the toilet. It beats trekking down the hill or into the house for the toilet. Compost should also be turned, this is not true if at the start you added brown materials like straw and cardboard, the turning of compost speed up the decomposition but if you're happy to wait a bit longer then let the worms do the job. We'll end with Mr Middleton again who reminds us that perfection is not something we should strive for and that means compost too.

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