What Comes, Goes...

The New Year has blustered in with snow and temperatures below zero. We're surviving on the hillside but bad weather always means that it pushes back our plans outdoors. We wanted to be in a better position in the garden by now, there are weeds to pull, plants to move and new parts of the garden to bring into use. We're still trying to finish the paths, we have been saying that now for so many years that it has become a running joke. At least we can crack on with the house. There are floors to strengthen and ceilings to insulate, shelves and kitchens to build. Snow means that we don't move.

Snow isn't as bad as you think, just plan and stay home #family

It's not that we can't get out, we have a 4 x 4 Land Rover, our problem lies in the people who don't have four wheel drive. Cars up here get stranded quickly, we have even seen a flat back car transporter get stuck here whilst trying to save a small hatchback, an even bigger vehicle came out to save the car transporter, and yes you guessed it...it got stuck coming up the hill. Even large lorries, suffering from Sat Nav sickness, leave the M62 believing that they will go somewhere scenic, quiet and faster end up getting wedged between houses as the roads narrow, and narrow and become nothing more than paper cuts in the landscape. Taxis' refuse to come up here in winter. At this time of year, two wheel drives, AA vans, RAC saviours, Green Flag knights in armour, Tony and Vic in their flat bed and large lorries dot the landscape, abandoned, hazards flashing in the night. So, we stay in.

Snow hits at #lifeonpigrow

Have something warming to drink.

Keeping warm in winter #family #food

And wait to the snows melt. What comes, goes...sometimes it takes a week, sometimes it takes a month and if we're lucky it takes two days and then we go out, well wrapped up as we wait for the soil to dry enough to work it.

Getting out and about #family

Happy New Year to you all.


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