Spring: Seeds for Sowing in the Garden

There they are, all neatly spread out, it's #gardenporn. The equivalent of #foodporn on twitter. It's an X-rated festival of food and what we hope are randy plants creating randy produce that we can eat and well...be randy from. These are randy seeds. Not as randy as weeds but still enough to get a gardener hot under the collar. Enough of the filth now, you should have done with all that after mulching and manuring your socks off over the last week

It should be as much about the soil as the seed #gardenporn #growing #lifeonpigrow

This is just some of our seeds for this year and next. Most of them are heirloom varieties, something we learnt from the Wartime Garden. It's not like we're trying to make life hard for ourselves, we just like the taste and it also means we don't expect the plant to be a superhero and be able to grow in any type of soil, anywhere at any time. The filthy euphemisms are flying fast, let's put down that vegetable superhero cape. One thing the Wartime Garden taught us, as it has yet to teach a farming nation, that it's all about the soil. You protect the soil, you feed the soil, you place your bare bum on the soil to find out it's warm (honestly, some old time gardeners and growers did this, we've done it - it's disturbing in early Spring). Soil is everything. That's why some of the new, butch, hybrid, spliced, steroid pumped seeds have us worried. Yes, we agree we need to feed the world, no person should EVER go hungry when we waste so much. What worries us that many of these wonder seeds still do not address that what dirt we have left is being damaged through poor practice, erosion and a lack of consideration for the process in favour of the perfect product. So, this year, learn how to protect your soil, put down the spade and mulch.


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