Spring: Runners Beans in the Glasshouse

2015, is turning into a difficult spring for us at Pig Row. Over a month a go we dug our bean trenches on what was a sunny day. April promised a glorious spring and for nearly four weeks the sun shone, the glasshouse heated up, new beds were dug and seedlings romped away. Then May rolled in. That cantankerous month. That month that we all should know better about. That month of May that catches us all out. May sauntered in like a bad Aunt at a wedding and the sun shrank, the frosts barked and even now a shower of hail is rattling the windows. Aunt May who stomped on the seedlings with her ice cold feet. Aunt May who even through two layers of fleece, reached in and killed off our dahlia and sunflower seedlings. Aunt May who screams over the fence at you as you dig...

'Ne'er cast a clout till May be out'

'Ne'er cast a clout till May be out'. Aunt May is a bitch. There we have said it. For every May we get that is clear, wonderful and warming to our cold bones, we have three Mays that leave us with dry hacking coughs, streaming noses and the feeling that somewhere, someone is really taking the piss. The awful thing about it is that you can never predict which Aunt May will show up, the Aunt May who had a good Christmas with her family and is still blushing from all the love she was showed or the Aunt May whose Christmas was a postcard from her family telling her that they were in Aruba and they forgot to invite her. You all know the spring that follows that one, it lures you in with the promise of warm homemade biscuits in a tin on the larder shelf. Aunt May shows them to you, and just as you reach for them she snaps the lid shut, the tin lid snapping at the tips of your fingers. So, thanks to Aunt May's tin lid snapping stunt we have sowed barely anything, we haven't even sowed tomatoes yet but our beans are ready, waiting, wanting to get in the ground that is slowly filling up with hail.

What have we learnt about May? #saveourskills

  1. That May is an unpredictable month and the old adage about not digging the soil, 'Ne'er cast a clout till May be out', is more than often, true.
  2. That you really need undercover growing to get through May.
  3. That even fleece over seedlings won't always save them from temperature fluctuations.
  4. That May is a cruel month for gardeners.
  5. That we hate May. 


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