Spring: It's Not Summer

The start of June does not herald the start of summer, no matter what the buzz is on social media. It's amazing in a bad year how summer always seems to creep forward, we've even heard people complain about the poor summer in April. Why do so many people get confused when our seasons start?

The 1st of June is not the start of Summer. Know your seasons.

The simple fact is that we think because we have twelve months in the year that our seasons obey the Gregorian calendar, when in reality the calendar before 1752 was actually dictated by the seasons and had an additional eleven days. Long lost to the whims of industry. Seasons are dictated by the amount of sunlight we receive during the year and not months. It is measured in terms of the equinox and solstice. Let's look at when the seasons change in 2015:

SPRING EQUINOX- March 20. Start of spring.
SUMMER SOLSTICE - June 21. Start of summer.
AUTUMN EQUINOX - September 23. Start of autumn.
WINTER SOLSTICE - December 21. Start of winter.

But what's an equinox? It's very simple, it's the time of year when the Earth is bathed in the same amount of light and dark. That means the nighttime is exactly the same length as the daytime, that means we have as much darkness as we have light. The solstice is something else, the winter solstice is the darkest we will ever be in the year, where the night is longer than the daytime. Likewise, the summer solstice should make us happy, it's the most light we will see for another year and after the solstice, the nights get longer. Seasons were dictated by these dates, which always changed year in, year out but remained around the 20th of the month on the Gregorian calendar. They have never been dictated by the month but are dictated by our sun, moon and axis. So, know your seasons and don't listen to daft ideas on social media and in the news. There is still hope for summer 2015, let's not right it off. It's still spring.


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