Spring: Planting Peas in the Field

We're busy as the weather turns warm and we have been sowing in open ground, just showing that summer is with us at last.

What to sow in summer.

We have been sowed poppies and corncockles by the potatoes as we believe annual flowers in the veg plot are as important as the food. Sometimes our crops in the glasshouse fail or the season is too cold, too wet to get certain soft crops off to a good start. The cold spring has meant that some plants have gotten off to a bad start and some, like sweetcorn, weren't even sown. We planned for this and grew more plants to expand beds from three feet wide to two beds that make up six feet by twenty feet of a crop. Yet, sometimes we can afford to plant direct and we have jumped on the direct sowing of peas and of flowers. There is an argument that peas are cheap, peas are readily available in the supermarket freezer section, fresh and from the field but field growing inevitably means chemicals. Peas may be mass produced, frozen within minutes of harvest but they still do not compare to homegrown fresh peas and we have chosen to sow Feltham First. A pea we grew during the Wartime Garden alongside NE Plus Ultra

Sow peas direct in the soil now for a summer crop.

It's an easy job. With the back of a hoe draw out a flat drill the width of the hoe head and sow your peas, water them and draw the soil back over them. When they start to grow, follow the advice here and use pea sticks.

What to sow in the garden today.

Don't forget that you can keep sowing now and this also means flowers. We are sowing lettuce: drunken woman and trocadero, spring cabbage including flower of spring, chives, basil classic Italian, kales ranging from Hungry Gap to Nero di Toscana. Don't think that summer means the end of growing, it's just the start.


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