Spring: Small Planters by the Front Door

You know we walk from our cars to our front doors, we walk from the bus, the train to our front door. We walk through our front door and we do so with only one goal, to sit down, to unwind, to put our feet up and have a cup of tea. We are a spring slowly coiling out across our door step but we miss the opportunity to see the importance of small spaces to remind of a slower way of life.

Small spaces can afford you a reminder of a wider world.

In ever increasing urbanized world devoid of allotments in our area, we need to keep our roots in nature. To remind ourselves that seasons turn not by wardrobes and fashion alone. A simple planter by the doorstep can pay massive dividends, you'll never get high yields but you will get high from the sense of achievement. The simple planter in the photo combines trailing lobelia x 1, marguerite daisy x 1, runner bean painted lady x 1 and marshmello strawberries x 2. This means the planter will give flowers and produce, you will come home everyday to find strawberries swelling and reddening, a bean that is winding it's way up the wigwam support and flowers that keep going and going.

A front door step is growing space, just think vertical.

You have to remember that planters rely on you, so water them every few days, feed them once a week with comfrey feed or a good seaweed feed. Enjoy a little of the season in a pot by your door, enjoy your own strawberries; if only you could milk your own cow and have homemade cream.


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