Spring: Surprises in our Orchard

As summer slips in, the grass in the orchard is giving up it's secrets and surprises. This year we have taken the conscious and economical choice not to mow our orchard once a week. This saves us money but has beneficial side effects as it brings in more bees, butterflies, bugs and frogs. The grass silently grows and moves in the late spring evening as we sit out there watching the sun set. There are surprises a plenty to come but here are some so far.

Why should you let your lawns grow?

There are field daisies in our lawn. We actually sowed these five years ago when we first cleared the orchard, we tore up tired turf and sowed them with no competition but the grass crept back in and they never germinated or so we thought. The daisies sat dormant, the daisies came back fighting their corner.

Daisies in the lawn.

We do have surprises though that we never knew was there, like these yellow daisies and the field vetch which has a large colony in the north west part of the orchard.

Let your lawn grow and see what's there.

The bees are loving our orchard, loving the blossom and more importantly providing us with fruit later in the season. So, leave your lawns, mow paths by all means, but leave nature a chance to creep back in.


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