Summer: Tomatoes in the Glasshouse

The other day we looked at the passive heat store in a bid to stop temperatures fluctuating in the glasshouse between day and night temperatures. You can see the heat store at the end of the path and it is already helping those night time temperatures under glass. There is nothing like growing your own tomatoes.

How to grow tomatoes under cover.

Growing tomatoes reminds us of our childhood, our fathers opening those Heath Robinson greenhouse doors and that smell coming out. You have never lived until you have smelt the aromatic heat of a tomato plant. It is addictive and is a reason why we created the bed in the glasshouse earlier in the year. We missed it last year and now they are back, wending their way up the string support. If you want to know what those black discs are in the photo below they are plant pots buried up to the rim in the soil.

How to grow tomatoes in a greenhouse.

We plant these pots in the soil to allow us to water into them, it creates a reservoir in the soil and feeds the roots of the tomatoes. Remember when watering, you are watering the soil around the tomato, not the tomato plant itself, if you do that you will promote fungal diseases and scorching from the sun on hot days. Always water in the morning and never at night. Watering at night encourages slugs and misery, it cools down the glasshouse to the point where plants can become weakened. Plants don't need to be fed at night, they are like you, they don't eat in their sleep. If you want to set fruit, you can mist the glasshouse by using a spray on a mist setting and close up the glasshouse for an hour or damp down the path. This is the simple act of wetting down the path in your greenhouse with a watering can and then closing the greenhouse for an hour. It helps to set the fruit but there is another technique and the most simple, just gentle tap the plants once a week when the flowers appear and they will pollinate in the warm air of the greenhouse. Grow tomatoes (#lovetoms) and you will never go back to shop bought in summer. We even have them on our windowsill in the porch.

Tomatoes can be grown in small spaces too.


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