Summer: Changing Bathrooms

When we moved into our cottage in 2009 we spruced up the bathroom with a fresh lick of paint but it became quickly apparent with a baby that a galley style bathroom was tough on the knees, thighs and backside. We banged our knees against the bath as we knelt down, crushed our thighs on a toilet too close to a wall and grated our backsides on one of the coldest cast iron baths ever made. 

A small bathroom can be a real pain to your knees.

Bathrooms cost money but there are ways to save money. Don't buy all your bathroom from the same place. White is white wherever you buy it, and most people want white bathrooms. Those deals you often see for a whole bathroom for less than a cost of a good quality bath are false economy, shoddy and often with a limited lifespan. However, you can get quality by simply shopping around and being prepared to store parts of your bathroom for some time. We waited for the sales to buy our shower screen (saving over £250), shower tray (saving over £150) and bath (saving over £300). We bought our taps and shower from another company, the free standing tap we found online and the toilet and sink are end of line. In the end our bathroom cost us half the price it would have cost us to buy it new. Though we wanted to look at the possibility of using recycled products, we found that no matter how many sinks we found for free, we found them to be either cracking, impossible to use due to knackered traps that we couldn't free up or worse still so far gone that if they'd been white it must have been sometime back in the 1930s and then licked by a heavy smoker. So, we bought new and cut our costs by buying at the right time and making the conscious decision to shop around. We had no problem storing our bathroom but storing the glass screen was a little hair raising for six weeks and when we found the bolts on the bath missing it was a mad rush to a local bolt and nut company to find replacements. It was a rush that resulted in our windscreen wipers conking out mid swearing and then a slow squinty drive home between showers.

Changing bathrooms is easy if you shop around.

So, how did our old bathroom change? It started in 2014 by rejigging the walls upstairs and none of this would have been possible without the help of Handyman Glyn. He has been a constant source of aid and has taken on work we can't do and that does include building a bathroom. Throughout he has been professional and we no longer use anyone else, unless Glyn recommends them. There are some things that should be left to the professionals and you have to admit, the result is a million miles from the bathroom of 2009.

New bathroom at Pig Row

The shower is huge and the bath is the damn comfortable and doesn't go cold after ten minutes, like the old cast iron one.

Great bathrooms can be bought for a good price.

Even the lights were a passion of love. All we have to do now is decorate it.

New lights for the bathroom.


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