Summer: How to Make Comfrey Juice

There is nothing easier than making your own plant feed. Earlier in the month we looked at how to make manure tea which is a great boost to plants but if you want successful fruiting and flowering too, then turn to comfrey. We have been asked after our last post to have a more detailed post on how to make comfrey juice/tea.

How to make comfrey feed for your plants.

Comfrey juice is a powerful feed for plants and having comfrey in the garden will help pollinators and you. To make the juice you only need a bucket and a comfrey patch. 


What you will need

1 x bucket.
Enough comfrey to fill the bucket.
1 x bucket of water.


An old water butt full of water.

Method for both bucket and water butt 
Cut your comfrey back to the ground, don't worry it will grow back. Shred the comfrey into the empty bucket. Then pour water over the comfrey until its submerged and now put it somewhere out of the way for three weeks. Preferably were you can't smell it rotting down. For this reason we actually make our comfrey liquid in an old water butt with a screw lid, we make 270 litres of the stuff and we use it all over the summer. We recommend this method over the bucket method for one reason, comfrey juice stinks, if it gets on your skin, clothes or is open to the elements you will be smell it from a mile away. It's potent stuff. After three weeks you can sieve the liquid in the bucket method but remember again that this stuff honks and you don't want to be sloshing it around. That's why we go for the water butt method. After three weeks use a garden fork to pull out the now well rotted comfrey from the water butt and add it your compost heap - it does wonders for it. Using a water butt precludes the problem of sloshing comfrey juice on your jeans in the bucket method and prevents you from being a social pariah for the rest of the year. Don't believe us? When we moved from Drovers to Pig Row we had an old plastic beer barrel in our front garden full of the stuff. Andrew decided to take it with us on the day we moved, he went to pick it up but the barrel had been there for so long open to the element that it had become brittle. You know what happened next, Andrew hefted it up his chest and the whole thing exploded over him. We had to move with all the car windows open. Even the moving van that followed us had to open their windows. When using comfrey juice, we fill our watering cans 2/3rds full of water and then top up with the remaining 3rd with comfrey juice. We use comfrey juice on strawberries, raspberries, soft fruit of all sorts, tomatoes, courgettes and pumpkins. When we use it undercover in the glasshouse we leave the doors open all day, you have been warned this stuff peels the back of your nostrils off but will give you a great crop. Given time you will become oblivious to the smell over the summer but we guarantee that the following summer, when you make a batch, when you go and check it after three weeks, that there will be nothing on this Earth that will prepare you for the smell that will hit you like a wall no matter how many times you make it. It's great stuff.


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