Summer: Sunflower Wigwam in the Cottage Garden

We sowed part of the cottage garden with red clover last year after removing a crop of lettuce that followed on from spring greens. We sow our clover on the second week of July (it's coming, folks, and hopefully the bloody summer will show up) between any plants with bare soil or plants that will swell the following spring. It's called under sowing and it's fabulous. The soil in the cottage garden has always been a bit stony but the red clover had really broken up the sub soil and when we chopped it off and allowed it to rot down we ended up with a lovely friable soil but what are we planting here by the garden path? 

Red clover has really changed a problem soil.

It's a little something for Little D. He helped us sow Russian Giant sunflowers earlier in the year and they have grown well after a slow start and we wanted to do something with them that was fun. So we have decided to plant a sunflower wigwam, something that Little D can sit in and enjoy. We have driven in seven foot hazel poles, tied them together at the top and planted one sunflower to each pole.

Gardening with kids should be fun and creative, sunflower wigwam.

How to plant a sunflower wigwam

We've not finished with this patch as there is still plenty of time to sow annuals. Around the wigwam we are direct sowing the annual 'Polka Dot' cornflower (Sarah Raven £2.29) to ramp up the bee friendly planting in the cottage garden. It means Little D can sit in his wigwam and watch the busy bees moving across the nectar rich perennials in the cottage garden, over the flowering cornflowers and up to the dizzying heights of his sunflowers. It's a little bit of fun but will really be something Little D can call his own. He's also in the process of sowing carrots, his pumpkins and courgettes are storming ahead but more on that another day.


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