Summer: Harvesting Garlic

Like onions, garlic has been the bane of our cropping plan. We have tried every kind of garlic on our hillside and it has largely been a pathetic run. We have been told that true garlic needs a real cold snap, we have had real cold snaps, we have had snaps that would snap things off your nether regions and then in turn those same snaps have been left in the bloody wake of a weather front that would make George R.R. Martin excited about what could be found in them. Normally, he would find one cold family asking for the things back that had been snapped off. This year, we moved into winter onions and they were a success and someone suggested that we try elephant garlic.

Growing elephant garlic vs garlic

We did indeed plant elephant garlic with our chesnok garlic on the shortest day and reveled in their top growth. Some of the plants were as thick as leeks. When we harvest them last week we brought out the potato fork to loosen up the soil around the roots, we expected Babar to be resurrected in our soil, but the results were less elephant and more guinea pig droppings. Though we have a bowl of garlic in the kitchen, the elephant garlic was barely bigger than our normal planting of chesnok garlic. Even though we know the taste will be glorious, the smell is intoxicating even as we write this, we know that more should have been expected of elephant garlic. They simply never got going and the results are disappointing but still tasty.


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