Summer: Harvesting Soft Fruit in the New Patch

Last year we tumbled further down the hill towards the house, claiming back the lower part of the hillside for the new fruit patch and cordon trees. We have even fan trained our own cherries in the new fruit patch. In May we saw the first of the blossom on the trees in the new fruit patch and hoped that all the work we had done, the digging up of established blackcurrants, gooseberries, redcurrants and blueberries were worth it. This part of the garden was phase 2 of our orchard and bookmarked the 1/4 acre site at the north and south. We wanted to bring the soft fruit closer to the house with the idea of eventually caging the area. We do have some bird damage on the plot with fruit but as you can see from the gooseberries coming in, we do get some of the fruit.


However, we do lose some fruit to little thieves who have found a taste for redcurrants and gooseberries. Little D will attack a gooseberry bush with no fear of the thorns and merrily chomp on the most sour berries with glee. 

Little boy eating fruit

Moving the fruit patch from the field area has been a success, the area is more sheltered and the soil is deeper here retaining more moisture. The growth of all the bushes has been phenomenal during what has been largely a poor growing season and it is one of the few times that Carol can keep Little D busy without falling into or through something.

Woman picking fruit


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