Summer: Tales from the Plot at Dig the City 2015

We managed to get to the last day of Dig the City this year and we were drawn to one exhibit in particular. The green roof is something we want to achieve on our own shed at Pig Row (so any advice welcome), however what was inside could never have been guessed of.

Green shed roof

The shed was a living archive, bringing together audio from growers in the city talking about why they grow, and memories of it and the communities they live in. It was a haven in a city centre that is a cacophony of noise. Even whilst we were there, workmen had pneumatic drills in hand yanking up great sections of the road not a hundred yards away. We wanted to do an audio interview for you to listen to but the continuous chug-chug-chug of the drill prevented that but we hope you enjoy the images and take time to look Food Futures Manchester and Sow the City, it's time that we started greening our cities more than we do or else we will end up with a concrete jungle occupied by chattering fools going mad. We did however manage to interview Growing in the City last year who have worked too with Food Futures Manchester and we hope you'll enjoy that audio interview here.

Seats in sheds

Seats in sheds

Sow the city

It may all be a show garden, and certainly at an RHS show with a garden around it, it would have been a show stopping garden but behind it is a serious message. Take the bench below made from recycled wood, it seems like an easy DIY project but these benches were constructed by Men in Sheds, you can view a wonderful film about this organisation here. This organisation is engaging isolated men in communities across the UK, men who may not be a fan of sports or pubs, and after retirement or redundancy may have lost a sense of identity. The simple act of making a bench, then having someone say, 'What a fabulous bench' (as we did) can be a real boost to men who feel that they are alone, unwanted and lacking skills. Food Futures and Sow the City just show what can be done at the community and individual level and how this can bring joy and happiness that spreads from neighbourhood to neighbourhood. 

Make your own bench


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