Summer: Bread in the Kitchen

We have been baking bread since we moved to Pig Row five years ago and today we want to share some of our favourite bread recipes.

Some of our favourite bread recipes that take us on a culinary journey over 5 years #food #lifeonpigrow

Back at the start of bread journey we turned to a basic bread recipe, it worked in our electric oven and our solid fuel oven. It even works in our gas oven - yes, we have tried it all! Then we moved on to Overnight Bread to take advantage of our sleeping time, yes we baked as we slept. Then we got into live breads and soda breads, and found this simply easy soda bread. We got a bit posh and frankly it was worth it with the Vienna Bread, which we now make into rolls. There are two recipes though that you should bake, they are not traditional breads but this raisin and cranberry bread will be eaten within minutes of baking, it's that good and this basic pizza dough can and has been topped with a range of food over the years: chorizo, caramelised onions, Yorkshire ham, garlic and homemade butter, kabanos, pepperoni, mushroom, courgette, bacon, eggs and sausage. Oh, the list goes on and on as does the dribbling.


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