Summer: Cherry Plum Chutney

A few days ago we shared the start of our fruit and nut foraging season - the nuts are for Christmas. Yes, we mentioned it, start crying it's 111 days away and we're laying down our winter kitchen - the great thing about learning to jam, chutney and pickle (and yes, even freeze) means that we can go out and #forage for #freefood. Consider those hashtags, aren't they cool? Just because we put a silly hashtag against free food, you're interested and we bet you have never tasted a chutney that was free and so tasty as this one.

How to make cherry plum chutney #food

Life on Pig Row's Cherry Plum Chutney 

1.8kg cherry plums (you'll have to forage them, you can't buy them).
4 medium onions – roughly chopped.
1400g mixed sultana and raisins (you can substitute for other dried fruit too, our favourite are prunes).
1200ml spiced malt vinegar (or malt vinegar with a pinch of allspice). The great thing about using malt vinegar is that it is cheap to buy in large quantities)
1kg brown sugar
30g ground ginger
1 tsp cayenne pepper (you can also do 50:50 paprika and dried chilli)
90g salt

Don't mess around, this is a chutney and you don't have to do much prep. You will find plenty of cherry plum chutney that tell you the plum stones will float to the surface whilst the chutney cooks, that's bollocks. It's basic physics, a small cherry plum stone won't be able to push through the thick unctuous liquid of this chutney, nothing floats in a chutney, not even your soul. So, it's a pain but that's why we make such large quantities and frankly this amount will easily get you into next year, you have to get a large bowl and then de-stone the cherry plums. Do this after washing them and squeeze them between your fingers, deeply satisfying. Then chuck everything in a big jam pan and simmer for 40 mins until it's thick and jammy. It becomes thick and jammy quickly, so don't go off and watch the television. An unwatched pot of chutney burns quickly. Spoon into hot sterilised jars (we boil our bottles) and seal with lids. This quantity make around 10x450g jars. The longer you leave it, the better it tastes. Below is under an hour of work and months of joy, including the dilly beans (no chutney turns into this).

Cherry plum chutney and how to make it #lifeonpigrow #food


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