Autumn: Daffodils Have Arrived for the Cottage Garden

We have masses of daffodils in the orchard but only a few in the cottage garden. The problem with this is unless we are walking up to do work in the orchard in spring we never see the first flushes of these wonderful flowers. The variety we have in the orchard is scented and on a good day we can smell them all the way down the garden but on bad days, when it is raining, miserable and the garden is largely a no go area, there is little of cheer to see in the cottage garden. So, with this in mind we have just taken possession of this....

Daffodils for spring

25kg of daffodils for the lower garden, this variety is Trelawny Gold, and they will bring joy to this part of the garden early in the year and then vanish beneath the growing cottage garden. Now, all we need is some decent weather. When we do get a decent day, we'll show you how to plant them in naturalistic drifts.


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