Winter: Our Christmas at Home

Christmas is waning. You can feel it skulking out the back door and that time between the dark and getting things done wears you down. We are at the nub start of the year, that feeling that you are now ready for a good sleep before you go back to work. You may be back at work now, reading this, and wondering how comfortable that desk is. Christmas is a wonderful thing but that moment after Boxing Day is a downward spiral, the darkness is getting shorter but getting up in the dark is still a pain. So, let's celebrate the light, celebrate the holidays and what has gone for another year.

Christmas table setting

A Christmas table is a wonderful thing, it doesn't take much to make it festive and some preserved strawberries, pancakes and cream can make a kid of all of us.

Father Christmas pancakes

Plus, who'd ever thought you could make a bacon Rudolph?

Bacon Rudolph pancakes

All these things make us kids and make the children in our lives smile. Little D loved Father Christmas pancakes. He loved the basket of goodies to take him through Christmas Eve. We do this as Christmas Eve is hectic in our home, and a little of something for the kids in your life goes down a storm and keeps them busy! A DVD, a colouring book, some chocolates and things to do for the big man in red also help.

Keeping children busy on Christmas Eve

Though it can't be said that the big man in red liked his Christmas hat.

Sometimes you have to appease the Scrooge in all of us with some homemade wonders, from the glorious homemade sausage rolls...

Homemade sausage rolls bread with a Christmas tree on it...

Christmas bread

...then a quick foray into turning gingerbread cookie cookers upside down to make spiced Rudolph biscuits with a little helper...

Rudolph biscuits

...who is drooling, and when you turn your back...

Rudolph biscuits

Then there is the more adult sweet toothed things. Chelsea buns with mincemeat, icing and cherries for that edible Christmas tree look.

Edible Christmas tree

There is always bread ready for the big day, there are sandwiches to make, chicken and beef to eat (we are not fans of the turkey on Pig Row).


Then comes the big day and Andrew is excited that our lettuce come fresh from the glasshouse but is disgruntled that no one wants salad because the weather doesn't remind us of summer...

Grow for winter as well as summer, use that greenhouse

...then he points out the window and we have to agree to eat salad...

Unseasonal winter weather has been an odd winter of rain, gales and crisp clear days that remind you of summer lost. Little D is not lost though and knows exactly where all the presents are and waits patiently for grandparents to arrive.

Child among the presents

But the opening of presents is joyful, surprising and to some, just wonderful.

Christmas cheer

Christmas cheer

Here's to a great 2016, may your garden bloom and your larders brim.


  1. Happy New Year to you all! The pigeons are taking our kale at the lottie, but the ones at caravan in Wales looked OK when we left them just after Christmas. Looking forward to another year at the plot, and hoping we can get to grips with our back garden too - sadly neglected last year. Here's to a fruitful gardening year for you! :)