Pea and Ham Soup

For some reason we have never been big on soups. we're not sure why this is apart from in childhood soup meant the ubiquitous cream of tomato beloved of Warhol or pork stew *cough* - we'll take the tomato, thanks.

It's taken a while to realise soups can be amazing. That they can be tasty, filling, nutritious, that they don't have to come from a can and can be the ultimate fast food. Here at Pig Row our soup repertoire has grown significantly over the past twelve months. We go out, we try soups, we come home and we attempt to replicate them. This is our latest experiment, Pea and Ham soup, for years avoided by our childhood selves, and completely and utterly delicious.

Pig Row Pea and Ham Soup

What you will need

500g Packet of dried marowfat peas
1 small onion
1 carrot
1 small leek 
Ham hock

How to make it

Soak the peas overnight in cold water.
Peel and slice the carrot.
Chop Onion finely.
Slice leek (be sure to wash this well no one likes a sandy soup)
Add the vegetables to a pan and saute slowly in about a tablespoon of oil until soft.
Drain the peas and add the to the pan.
Pop uncooked ham hock on top of the vegetables.
Pour in enough cold water to cover everything in the pan
Bring to boil then slowly simmer for approx 2 - 3 hours until the ham hock is cooked and peas are soft.
Remove ham hock, shred meat and set aside.
Puree soup in a blender.
Return soup to the pan add the shredded ham hock.  Pour in a mug of water to thin the soup if required it will be very thick. 
Heat until piping hot, season if necessary (we add black pepper to taste) and serve.

Pig Row Pea and Ham soup freezes really well, allow to cool and decant to bags or tubs. Allow to defrost in the fridge before heating through really well, slowly and until it is piping hot.


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