Blacking The Stove

The final part of the family room is the blacking of our stove. This stove has been the heart of the room for some years and the new hearth sets it off. When we had the stove swept last autumn we were advised the best way to black a fireplace was colloidal black. This liquid in a bottle is easy to apply with a lint free cloth on a dust free surface. It took us less than thirty minutes to black the fireplace. All we would say is to really make sure your hearth is well covered, we used old newspapers around the hearth and down the sides of the stove. Covering all stone and areas it could splash onto.

How to black a stove #howto #home

We then liberally applied the liquid onto the cloth, prepare to get black hands but it does wash off easily with soap and hot water, and then rubbed into the iron work of the stove. It changed the appearance of the stove in minutes taking it from faded grey with some spots of rust, from moisture, to full black brilliance. You then light the stove allowing the ironwork to heat up and when it hits a certain temperature the colloidal black is fixed to the surface. We lit the stove, sat back and had ourselves a breakfast of champions. It's the final part of the room bar some of our personal touches.


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