Bargains for the Gardener

You can feel yourself getting all sweaty just thinking about it. Just the mere thought of it gets you hot under the gardening collar. Your potting shed is rocking with excitement. Yes, you have found yourself a bargain. You want to tell everyone but at the same time you don't want to reveal your source. You feel like a drug dealer or a master spy in a Le Carre novel or a drug dealing spy. You want to share, you want to tell but if you do will there be any blackcurrant bushes left for you? You've seen the effects of gardeners sharing stuff on social media, entire supermarkets have been razed to the ground, shelves devoured by locusts in wellies with wild hair and wilder eyes all yelling, 'Begonias, blackcurrants and bargains!' You know that call. You know how it makes you feel. Now look at this plant, it was 95p. Yes, 95p for a blackcurrant bush. Can you feel the rush?

Bargains cost all gardening in the long run #gardening #sustainability

Oh, it's like tasting a strawberry for the first time. It's heaven. We don't even know we're we'll put the blackcurrant and therein lies the problem with impulse buying. You buy bloody things you don't need. Now, we all need more blackcurrants in our lives. We all need more fruit. More vegetables. More gardening space. We all need this. We all need to reconnect with the soil. We all know this. This gets us excited in public gatherings, we yell at passing neighbours, we preach it on Sunday from behind sit on mowers. We are gardeners, hear us mumble. Yet, we all succumb to impulse buying and the buggers get you. We could take cuttings from our own blackcurrants and have free blackcurrants that cost us 0p. Zero. Nothing. Yet, here we are with a blackcurrant bush in the porch growing away. Bloody blackcurrant bush with it's cheaper than production cost value. Therein again lies the problem. It cost someone money to grow this, this created jobs and because it didn't sell, because the price was slashed that will impact on the grower next year. The reason they didn't sell is simple, shoppers at supermarkets have no bloody idea what a blackcurrant bush is. It's doubtful they know what blackcurrants are. To show you this is true we showed this picture to a friend...

Bargains cost all gardening in the long run #gardening #sustainability's from three years ago, and it was our first heavy duty, successful rhubarb harvest. It was a turbo rhubarb. Our friend had no idea what it was, they thought it was a weed, they'd heard us moan about weeding a third of an acre. Hell, you can even see Andrew in the background behind the polytunnel, weeding. So, we showed them this...

Bargains cost all gardening in the long run #gardening #sustainability

...they knew what is was. It was campanula, their Mum had it in her garden, she got it from the garden centre, cost 50p a pot. For the record, these are potatoes, and yes, we could say our friend is an idiot but then we were once idiots. We are still idiots seduced by a 95p plant. Bargains are great for when you first start a plot, it's a cheap way in but every plant that is cheap has a source and that source is feeling the pinch.


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