Little D's Busman's Holiday

As building work and renovations have increased pace at Pig Row, Little D has taken solace in his sizeable Lego collection. His building site has none of the considerations that our home has had, every day is a brand new start. That wall is wonky – knock it down. Window looks too big? Knock it down. That pink brick looks a bit out of place in Batman’s’ bathroom – knock it down!

How lego can help your child develop #lego

He goes to work each morning hard hat on, humming or talking to himself in the manner of most tradesmen up and down the country, stopping for regular brew breaks or in his case school, then continues well into the evening. Sometimes until as late as 6pm, such is his commitment to his ‘job’. Joking aside, we have been nurturing this little builder and feeding his hobby at Christmas and birthday time, mainly via car boots, charity shops and local sale sites. Lego is a brilliant toy, not only is it fun to play with for children young and old, it has lots of developmental benefits.  It’s great for building spatial skills as well as improving motor skills and hand-eye coordination. It increases a child’s capacity for creative, divergent thinking and has benefits for their social and language skills. Little D of course is unaware of all these things, he’s just having an amazing time.

One glorious day probably via the medium of television advertising or courtesy of the back of the cereal packet, we are not sure which, Little D discovered the mecca of all builders aged ten and under, Legoland DiscoveryCentre.  After that we never heard the end of it. Such was his desire to go, we found brochures in the car, discount vouchers in his school bag, pictures under his pillow and believe it or not a full page advert stapled to the sealed delivery note that came with the new bathroom.  Worried about coming home to a full billboard advert covering our freshly painted walls, when we were invited by Legoland themselves to pay a visit we decided we better take them up on it.

We decided to keep our trip a secret from Little D, fearing that he may implode with excitement, our ruse was to tell him that we were going swimming at a different pool that week. This lame excuse kind of back fired on us as he spent the whole day telling everyone he met that Legoland was much better than swimming in a new swimming pool. This led to odd looks and us having to explain our deception, more odd looks. But he had an absolute ball and to our surprise so did we.  Yes it was very busy, yes it was unbelievably noisy but for a few hours we put aside our adult preconceptions and were children again.
Busman's holiday

There is a reasonable amount to do at Legoland Discovery Centre as long as you don’t rush through in a mad hurry to see what’s next.  We put aside maps and just took it as it came. It’s not a theme park more of an attraction so 2 -3 hours and you will probably have experienced it all which is perfect for small children with limited attention spans. First stop we had our pictures taken next to a green screen – we were able to later superimpose our image on various backgrounds including Star Wars and a number of Lego scenes and had the opportunity to purchase these in various formats as a memento of the day. A lift then lead us to the “Lego Factory” an interactive experience where children were invited to help ‘make’ Lego by shouting and turning pretend cogs in return for a special factory tour Lego piece.  Onwards to the first ride the Kingdom Quest Laser Ride a shoot-em-up journey killing Lego baddies as we went and competing against one another.  We then walked through the Miniland exhibit where a wide variety of buildings and scenes had been built in Lego, this was a highlight for us adults as what had been created in bricks was just incredible. Some of the displays were even interactive, you could play football or send mini figures to their doom on an Alton Towers rollercoaster.

Lego can help you build as a #family

Lego can help you build as a #family

As we left this area we were greeted by Wildstyle and Emmett from the Lego Movie as we had been invited to one of the first showings of a new 4D movie starring the two heroes and their friends. I’d like to say Little D loved the movie, but I’m sad to say unpredictably he spent the whole time with his eyes clamped shut screaming, “arrgh, help, help, they are coming for me Mummy!” Having never experienced even a 3D film before, it was a just a bit too much for his poor little mind to cope with. The film was very enjoyable though especially for Lego Movie fans and the 4D did add a lot of fun, I don’t want to give the game away too much but expect the unexpected.

We meet Wyldstyle and Emmet #legomovie

We all had a great time building cars and running them down the specially provided ramps in the Racers Build and Test area, it is amazing how far those things can fly especially with eight wheels. Little D perfected his driving even further in the little Lego police cars in the Forest Pursuit ride.  He spent more time crashing into barriers if I am honest but he now truly believes he can drive and we are having to hide the car keys on a nightly basis.

Getting to grips with building

Getting to grips with building

Lots of further fun was had on Merlin’s Apprentice Ride and it was Mummy’s turn to be terrified, whilst Daddy calmly sipped hot chocolate in the cafĂ© area below safe on solid ground, giggling Little D pedalled so hard and fast we stayed one above the seagulls for the entire ride.  Karaoke in the Lego Friends zone, constructing earthquake proof Lego buildings, burning off steam and sliding down poles in the soft play in the Lego Fire Academy were enjoyable but the real highlight was being able to build with lots and lots of Lego in the City Builder area.

#lego is about creating moments

When it comes down to it Lego is all about creating, it’s about being hands on and using your imagination  about producing giant creations and knocking them down without a second thought.  In the car on the way home Little D was happy and contented, “Are we going swimming now?” he asked, “NO” we answered, “We’ve been through this!” “Oh good.”  He remarked “I’ve more time to build Legoland Discovery Centre when I get home.”

We were invited to visit courtesy of Legoland.  Our opinions are as always our own.


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