Building Some Seating With Stone

Beyond the glasshouse lies the shed that just wouldn't stay put. The shed that took not days to put up but months. This has always been a family space, it appeared in a photo shoot a few years back, you can see us all sat under bunting and behind us the first wall we ever built at Pig Row.

dry stone walling, life on pig row

This wall was built before we knew how to build dry stone walls. It lasted more as a cairn, a formed rubble heap that slowly slid back into the grass each time it rained, each time we walked past and on one occasion when Andrew sneezed in the glasshouse and a four foot section gave up the ghost. Since building the rubble pile we have actually built some great stone walls, walls that have lasted being sat on, tripped over and knocked around by a small child. So, it came to a point where our first wall was vanishing into the hedge and we have spent the day rebuilding it all. Except we decided to do something with a little twist, we have built in several seats and the final effect beats the rubble pile. We're often asked how to build a drystone wall, we're not wallers, but we'll give you some basics here.


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