Building Up The Wildflowers in the Orchard

Last year we did what most gardeners do with out of date seed we cast it to the wind and hoped for the best. The seed we gave to the gardening gods was daisies. This seed forgotten, languishing in the shed was tossed into the areas we allow to grow wild in the orchard. These wildlife corridors have been a real success story in the orchard and we cut them the final week of August as we start to cut our hedges at Pig Row. This allows any seed to fall into the grass and germinate. We did this with the daisies last year and crossed our fingers, and then made the cardinal sin, we forgot to put a note in our gardening diary what we did with them.

gardening, life on pig row

This meant in spring that we went into the shed looking for this seed and found it gone. There was blame, an argument, some door slamming, feet stomping, tears (from Andrew) and one banged elbow on the lawnmower (Andrew's), a smacked head on the door frame of the shed (Andrew's, see tears) and out we went to find some more daisy seed. Which we promptly put somewhere safe only to forget where they were.

life on pig row, wildlife orchard

So, we felt a couple of wallies a few weeks later when walking in the orchard and we spotted the missing daisies in the wildlife border. Idiots, we are.

We're really chuffed that they have taken and this means come August, come that final cut, we will be sowing more, alongside some other wildlife flowers. We want to build up these flowers as this bring in the bees but more importantly mean we don't have to spend every week mowing the entire orchard.


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