Chillies in the Glasshouse

Our pot luck chillies have been a real success story of what has been a temperamental and difficult growing season. They have benefited from being in terracotta pots after we potted them on. Now the flowers have become fruit we can see the various varieties and you can tell which ones will be hot and those which will be great for stuffing with soft cheese.

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Chillies are great plants to grow in the glasshouse. Though they have a long growing season, these were sowed in March in a heated propagator, they really come into their own in July and August. We asked on our Facebook Page how people preserved their's, and the main response was to freeze them as they could be used easily from frozen in hot dishes. If you have other ideas or recipes, please comment below and let us know. We know we will have a glut of these as we have around fifty plants but frankly there are gluts you look forward to. 

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Now, we don't want to freeze all of them, some of these lovely fruits are earmarked for chilli jam - we'll bring you that recipe later in the year - some will be stuffed with soft cheese and eaten as they come off the plant. Some though will be frozen whole for winter dishes as people have recommended. It is something we do anyway with leftover chillies but these are far and few between in previous years but this year is different. We'll tell you how different it is. Someone offered us a chilli plant last week and we declined, yes we said, 'No'. Now don't fall over in shock, the simple fact is we have many, many chilli plants and we will have a glut. That chilli plant could go to someone who needs it more than us, and it did. If you've managed to scrape yourself off the floor you can now look wistfully as our other chillies.

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They're something hot to be eaten when we are waist deep in cold and rain. Oh, hang on, that's been summer.


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