Cucumbers in the Glasshouse

There's never enough time to keep you all up to date with what we are doing. Last week we managed to get our cucumbers in, we have never grown cucumbers before, we know, we know, what an admission, now we have four in growbags in the glasshouse. Help! 

gardening, growing cucumbers

The variety is Vert de Petit Paris or the common tongue, small green Paris cucumbers. We are growing the kind that pickle well, we have a hankering for pickled cucumbers/gherkins in the depths of winter (like a big two fingered salute to the cold) and we have the dill growing in pots in the herb garden, so come on you cucumbers! Help! We may have spoken too soon, dream of a harvest is fine, demand a harvest and you get one small cucumber chewed by a belligerent wasp. We will see, we will see, cucumbers. Help us, we don't know what we are doing with them!


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