Busman's Holiday: Manor Heath Park, Halifax

Getting out into council run gardens and local gardens can give you a wealth of ideas that you can take back to your own garden. Just remember to take a good camera and a notebook.

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Municipal gardens are often overlooked, ignored and seen as a place for the kids to play in but the best blend traditional formal gardens, play areas and allow volunteers to garden in larger spaces. Manor Heath Park, Halifax is one of the best council run gardens we have seen from it's commitment to kids, to its support of wildlife and wild flowers in its woodland to showing visitors in its walled garden the different ways of growing from willow to dahlias, and everything was labelled so you could take away plant names. That's half the battle with gardening finding that right plant for the right area, and public gardens are often large, spread over different habitats from exposed to woodland and it allows a gardener, new or old, to see what works in these differing habitats. This saves you money in the long run and unlike a show garden, this is a garden that has often been growing since Victorian times in the UK or is at least well bedded in to the habitat it is meant for. So, don't overlook these local gardens, get out into them and enjoy it. You can see all the images we took below.


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