How to Summer Prune Apples, Pears and Cherries

Andrew is back in the garden to take you step by step through the summer pruning of apples, pears and cherries in cordon and fan forms. This is a follow up to his winter pruning post and film.

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Remember, as Andrew points out, you prune in summer to restrict growth but you prune in winter to promote it. Simply put, cut it now and it won't grow, cut it in winter and boy will it grow. Andrew shows you in the film how much growth a tree can put on after winter pruning, and we think you'll be surprised. Just remember that when you're pruning fruit trees (especially cherries) you'll need a few days with no rain to avoid anything getting into the wounds. You can paint the wounds with an organic or non-organic pruning sealant but with cordons and fans this can be hard to do as you will be making many cuts over the tree, which is a restricted form, so only paint wounds with sealant on standard form trees (those lollipop trees you see in orchards).

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So sit back, nestle down into some cushions and grab a big cup of coffee, unless you're on public transport, if so...oh well, just go for it, nudge that smelly guy out of his seat and bring some scatter cushions and a foot rest.


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