Planting Lavender in the Herb Garden

We wanted lavender at Drovers. We have wanted lavender here. As at Drovers we took possession of British grown lavender, we planted it, we planted it in gritty compost, we planted it in free draining spots, and in both gardens we watched it flower it's socks off, the bees milling across it and we brushed against it enjoying the heavenly scent and dreamed of fields full of it. We had sixty plants at Pig Row. We had three at Drovers. Then we woke up from dreams of lavender fields, winter had come and the lavender died back and remained dead come spring. So, why are we doing it again? Call us suckers. Hang on, we'll open the window. Yes, we can hear you now. Yes, we are. We have decided though to do something different this time, we're planting it in pots. 

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It's relatively easy to plant lavender in pots, just add plenty of drainage, we use broken up old terracotta pots (crocks - not the shoes but the original broken pots!). Pots we've dropped, stood on or fallen over. We don't throw anything away, broken old pots are useful things. The use of broken pots for drainage goes way back in gardening, they were here before perlite.

gardening, lavender, life on pig row

We then place the plant in and back fill around the new plant with a soil based compost. We are using soil based compost as it is heavier (windy around here) but it has a downside, it can freeze easily if waterlogged but this is lavender and it should never be waterlogged. Remember this is a plant that loves heat and free draining soil. Does well in sandy soils.

gardening, life on pig row, herb garden

We hope by putting the lavender in pots we can control it's feed and water intake. Also, come winter we can pop these in the sheltered back of the house, against a wall and ticking over to spring, we can also bubble wrap the pots too.

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So, this is a happy addition to the pots around the porch in the herb garden. It's a useful plant, it can be used in baking, we used to bake a great lavender biscuit but it is also great for keeping away moths. We do have plenty of moths in our old house and lavender will be one way to get rid of them.

gardening, life on pig row

You have to admit, even the foliage colour adds something different to the pots around our front door and when it flowers and grows, it will be great to brush by, first comes lavender, then comes mint, then the scent of sweet peas, the oils of rosemary and the cheery faces of dahlias. Welcome home, welcome to our herb garden.


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